Make your Swedish Friends feel at Home with these Popular Foods

Do you have company coming to visit from Sweden? How exciting! You’ll probably want to show off your favorite restaurants and recipes, but have you considered incorporating some foods from their homeland into the menu? There are some simple ways to create some dishes that will make your Swedish friends feel right at home.

  • How about some pea soup and pancakes? This may seem an odd combination, but it’s a meal traditionally eaten in Sweden on Thursdays. The pea soup is yellow, and the pancakes are for dessert, served with cream and berries or jam.
  • Pick up some lingonberries and crisp bread. You can find these at the nearest IKEA or any other store that offers international foods. Two staples of Swedish cuisine, these are good to have on hand when your guests arrive. While you’re at it, you might want to stock up on köttbullar- Swedish meatballs.

  • Go for some gravlax or pickled herring. If you really want to make your Swedish friends feel at home, create your own smorgasbord, with pickled cucumbers and beets, pancakes and crispbread, and gravlax and herring. If you really want to go all out, serve Toast Skagen, which consists of peeled prawns mixed with mayonnaise, dill and lemon, topped with fish roe, served on crisp sautéed bread.
  • If it’s Christmas, impress your Swedish friends by learning to make Jansson’s Temptation. A classic Swedish Christmas dish, this creamy casserole contains potatoes and anchovies.
  • Make sure to observe fika. More than just a coffee break, fika is a Swedish institution, a time in which families, friends and colleagues take a break for conversation, coffee, and pastries. Just about any pastry is acceptable, but a Swedish national favorite is the cinnamon bun.

IF you really want to make your friends feel at home, but you don’t have time to research recipes, cook and bake, Svenhard’s Swedish Bakery can bring the flavor of Sweden to you. We’re proud to offer delicious bear claws, cinnamon rolls, cheese horns, and much more, available to purchase online and ship directly to your home. If you’d rather shop for pastries in person, you can do that, too! Just visit our website, or call 559-838-3282 to find a location near you and learn more about the quality that’s made Svenhard’s a popular choice for over a century.

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