The History of Swedish Desserts

If there’s one country that truly values their desserts, it’s Sweden. From the traditional Lördagsgodis, or Sweets Saturday, in which they visit candy stores to pick a mix from the godig, to October 4th, when they celebrate Cinnamon Bun Day, Swedes have a true appreciation for the sweet stuff.

  • Since the 17th century, Spettkaka has been a delicacy in southern Sweden. It’s known as the pyramid cake in English, perhaps because the literal translation of “spit cake” doesn’t sound as appetizing. There’s nothing not to love about this dessert, which consists of egg-based batter piped into a conical shape and then cooked on a spit.
  • Princesstarta, or Princess Cake is one of the more well-known Swedish desserts. Covered in marzipan, traditionally green, this sponge cake with cream and fruit filling was created for the Swedish Princesses Margaretha, Astrid, and Mӓrtha.

  • St Lucia’s Day brings Saffron Buns. Traditionally, these are served with coffee to the parents of a household by the oldest daughter, early in the morning.
  • On Christmas Eve in Sweden, treats include Julgrӧt, which is similar to rice pudding. This dish contains a lucky almond, and the tradition is that the person who finds it will be granted good fortune.
  • Semlor is traditionally eaten on Easter. Let’s be honest though: this cream and almond filled sweet bun, served in a bowl of milk, is too good to save for a special occasion.
  • Daim has been a favorite since 1953. When this chocolate-covered toffee is folded into a mixture of whipped cream and egg, it becomes the filling for Daimtarta, or Daim cake.

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