Easter Dessert Ideas with Swedish Pastries

Easter is a joyous holiday, when families and friends all over the world get together to celebrate renewal, new life and springtime. This year, when you’re planning your Easter celebration, what will you serve for dessert? One of the simplest ways to please a crowd is with a variety of delicious Swedish pastries.

The Swedish people love pastries. The cinnamon bun, for example, is so popular in Sweden, in fact, that it has its own holiday! Kanelbullens Dag, translated “cinnamon bun day”, is celebrated each October across the nation. If you need inspiration for your Easter dessert table, look no further than Sweden, where many different days have a special pastry attached to their celebration. The good news? You can change it up and serve these tasty treats any time you want.

  • Semlor are traditionally eaten on Fat Tuesday. Stuffed with marzipan and whipped cream and served in milk, these little buns are a decadent treat which would make an excellent addition to any Easter meal.

  • Lussekatter are the saffron buns served on St. Lucia’s Day. It would be a shame to save them until December, though, when these slightly sweet, fluffy buns, rich with eggs and sugar and accented with raisins, are such a unique and lovely treat.
  • Cinnamon buns are the Swedish national pastry. You could wait until October 4th, Kanelbullens Dag, to eat them, but why? They’re delicious every day of the year, and especially appropriate for a gathering like Easter, served with coffee for a morning treat. Authentic Swedish cinnamon buns also contain cardamom, making them especially fragrant and tasty.
  • Prinsesstårta, or princess cake, is beautiful and scrumptious. It’s a little bit labor intensive, but totally worth it. To make it, you’ll need to layer sponge cake with pastry cream and raspberry jam before covering the whole confection with marzipan. The marzipan outer layer is traditionally bright spring green, making it the perfect treat for Easter. If you’re up to the effort, why not give it a shot?

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