Create the Most Delicious Easter Baskets with Swedish Treats

This year, what’s going in your Easter baskets? Chocolate bunnies? Jelly Beans? Maybe a stuffed rabbit? If these traditional Easter basket fillings are getting a little tired and boring, why not liven things up with some pastries?

  • Along with the bunny, why not a bear claw? Aside from sticking with the animal theme, bear claws have plenty to recommend them. After all, what says Easter more clearly than almonds?
  • Easter is a fresh spring holiday, and what’s fresher than fruit? Think about horns with berries or lemon, apple or cherry. Can’t you just almost taste the sweet flavors of fruit, nestled in the flaky goodness of Swedish pastry?
  • Horns a plenty allow you to create your own spectacular Easter treat. Wrap them for the basket, but create a buffet of fillings to put into them at breakfast!
  • There are few things more delicious than cinnamon buns! The Swedish people love these fragrant sweet rolls so much they’ve even designated October 4th as Kanelbullens Dag- Cinnamon Bun Day. Surely your Easter basket would benefit from a cinnamon bun or two!

  • A chocolate bunny will hype the kids up, but a delicious Cheese Horn will fill their bellies. Why feed them straight sugar when you can give them tasty cheese in scrumptious pastry?
  • If you’re skeptical about putting pastries in the baskets, at least provide a variety of delicious treats with breakfast. A variety pack of Cheese Horns, Breakfast Claws, Berry Horns, Cinnamon Horns, and Raisin Snails is a great addition to any breakfast or brunch buffet.

Svenhard’s Swedish Bakery can bring the flavor of Sweden to you. We proudly offer delicious bear claws, cinnamon rolls, cheese horns, and much more, available to purchase online and ship directly to your home. If you’d rather shop for pastries in person, you can do that, too! Just visit our website, or call 559-838-3282 to find a location near you and learn more about the quality that’s made Svenhard’s a popular choice for over a century.

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