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3 Butter Horns


Only the finest quality ingredients go into our pastries making them unparalleled in taste and giving them a flavor that is irresistible. Our Butter Horns provide you with the simple elegance of pastry perfected. Add your own topping or serve warm with fresh creamery butter & a cup of Hot Coffee or Tea. Available in 3 Pack

3 Cheese Horns


This choice is among our most popular. The creamy filling makes this pastry a great morning snack as well as a welcome pleasure throughout the day. Available in 3 Pack Also included in our 30 Variety Pack

8 Cinnamon Horns


Cinnamon folded in sweet dough, & glazed with our delectable icing delivers old-fashioned goodness, reminiscent of Grandma’s house. Available in 8 Pack Also included in our 30 Variety Pack

8 Fruit Horns


Our cornucopia horns topped with Pineapple/Apricot or Raspberry! These Fantastic Horns will quickly become any fruit-lovers favorite. Available in 8 Pack

8 Horns A Plenty


The simple wholesome goodness of our original flakey pastry- ready for your personalized touch. Available in 8 Pack