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3 Raisin Snails


Nothing goes better with a hot cup of coffee than Raisin Snails! Baked with cinnamon and raisins swirled into every bite and topped with streusel and our signature icing, these popular sensations will get your day off to a fantastic start! Available in 3 Pack

6 Cinnamon Rolls


Blend the wonderful homemade qualities of fine cinnamon with our old fashioned pastry’s exquisite flavor. Heated or eaten straight from the package, Cinnamon Rolls are always delicious! Available in 6 Pack

8 Raisin Snails


A divinely inspired symphony of cinnamon and juicy raisins, topped with our awesome icing. Raisin Snails are maximum quality, great value, and consistently delicious every time. Try some today, raisin lovers! Available in 8 Pack. Also included in our 16 & 30 Variety Packs