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16 Variety Pack


Our 16 Variety pack includes Cheese Horns, Breakfast Claws, Berry Horns, and Raisin Snails. A few of our fan Favs!

24 Petites Pack

Sold in Stores

The 24 Petite item is great for family/friend picnics, Holiday/Office parties! This variety pack includes our Cheese, Cherry, Apple and Lemon Horns!

3 Bear Claws


Our #1 Best Selling Favorite! Bear Claws are brimming with delicately flavored almond filling topped with exquisite coconut crunch and sprinkled with almond nut shavings; finished with our famous icing. Bear Claws have become a venerable favorite among men, women and children alike. Available in 3 Pack.

3 Butter Horns


Only the finest quality ingredients go into our pastries making them unparalleled in taste and giving them a flavor that is irresistible. Our Butter Horns provide you with the simple elegance of pastry perfected. Add your own topping or serve warm with fresh creamery butter & a cup of Hot Coffee or Tea. Available in 3 Pack

3 Cheese Horns


This choice is among our most popular. The creamy filling makes this pastry a great morning snack as well as a welcome pleasure throughout the day. Available in 3 Pack Also included in our 30 Variety Pack

3 Raisin Snails


Nothing goes better with a hot cup of coffee than Raisin Snails! Baked with cinnamon and raisins swirled into every bite and topped with streusel and our signature icing, these popular sensations will get your day off to a fantastic start! Available in 3 Pack

30 Variety Pack

Sold in Stores

Our favorite Variety Pack! This item is individually wrapped & good for on the go or to share! It has Cheese Horns, Breakfast Claws, Berry Horns, Cinnamon Horns, and Raisin Snails. The best!

6 Cinnamon Rolls


Blend the wonderful homemade qualities of fine cinnamon with our old fashioned pastry’s exquisite flavor. Heated or eaten straight from the package, Cinnamon Rolls are always delicious! Available in 6 Pack

8 Breakfast Claws


Served warm, or eaten fresh from the package, Breakfast Claws will melt in your mouth, and bring delight to your taste buds! Our special icing and secret filling formula garnishes every bite. Available in 8 Pack Also included in our 16 & 30 Variety Packs.

8 Cinnamon Horns


Cinnamon folded in sweet dough, & glazed with our delectable icing delivers old-fashioned goodness, reminiscent of Grandma’s house. Available in 8 Pack Also included in our 30 Variety Pack